Lt. Col. Khalid Al-Kay, Deputy Director of Traffic and Patrols Department at Sharjah Police, confirmed that the Eid Al-Adha days witnessed one eloquent incident, pointing out that the speed of the response and the literal dealing by the competent authorities with the incident that took place on the first day of Eid in Al Sajaa area prevented deaths.

He added that the accident resulted from the collision of a vehicle with a light pole because of the explosion of its front tire and deviation from the road, resulting in the injury of "8" people with minor injuries and one between medium to severe after being jammed inside the vehicle, and removed from the vehicle by the Civil Defense.

According to Lieutenant Colonel Al-Ki, the Traffic and Patrols Department has intensified its efforts during the Eid holiday in order to enhance traffic safety on the roads, by extending patrols intensively on internal and external roads, in addition to support patrols, in order to avoid accidents and ensure traffic safety for road users. At the Eid Chapels, near parks, markets and residential areas, they also placed traffic patrols at all vital sites in the emirate, which contributed to the reduction of accidents and traffic violations.