London (dpa) - The US government supports an EU exit from the UK even without an agreement: The security adviser of US President Donald Trump, John Bolton, has made clear behind the Brexit course of the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

"If there was a no-deal Brexit, it would be a decision of the British government. We would support them with enthusiasm, "Bolton told the Guardian during a visit to London. Earlier, Bolton had met with Johnson and other high-ranking representatives of the British government.

Trump was on a successful exit of Britain from the EU on 31 October, said Bolton therefore on Monday in front of journalists in the British capital. "We're with you," he added. The US also relied on trade agreements with Britain. According to information from the British media, Bolton promised trade agreements for individual sectors of industry, and difficult areas could initially be ignored. The goal is a comprehensive trade agreement that covers all trade goods and services, said Bolton after "Guardian" information. "But to do that, you could go sector by sector."

Johnson wants to lead Britain out of the European Union on October 31 - "come, whatever wants". He threatens to leave without an agreement if Brussels does not agree to his request for changes to the exit agreement negotiated with his predecessor Theresa May. The rejects the EU but strictly. This increases the danger of a no-deal-Brexit that would damage the economy and many other areas of life.

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