Trump commented on the decision to postpone duties on a number of goods from China

US President Donald Trump commented on the decision of the Trade Mission to postpone until December 15 the introduction of 10% duties on certain categories of goods imported from China.

It is reported by Politico.

According to Trump, Washington “does this for the Christmas period” to avoid negative impact on buyers in the United States.

At the same time, the American leader noted that so far duties have not had any negative impact on American buyers. On the contrary, in his words, the USA managed to raise about $ 60 billion from China through duties.

Earlier, the United States postponed the imposition of 10% duties on some Chinese goods until December 15th.

On August 13, Beijing and Washington agreed to hold talks on trade for two weeks.

The head of the HSE School of Oriental Studies, Alexei Maslov, in an interview with the NSN, assessed the possible consequences of intensifying the US-China trade war.

ref: russiart

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