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The background of the prolonged protests in Hong Kong | NHK News


The series of protests in Hong Kong has already been over two months. In the background of protests, citizens' repulsion has spread beyond the ordinance revisions ...

The background of the protest activities in Hong Kong is August 13 at 20:32

The series of protests in Hong Kong has already been over two months. In the background of protests, citizens' repulsion has spread beyond the ordinance proposals, and many citizens have shown a certain level of understanding even as some of the protesters have become more radical.

The Hong Kong government received a series of large-scale demonstrations in June, postponed deliberation on the proposed amendment of the ordinance, and indicated that it would actually be abolished. Is still rejected.

In addition, due to a series of clashes between the protest participants and the police, the number of tears used by the police in the last two months has reached nearly 2,000, and approximately 700 people have already been arrested. It is a policy not to accept the establishment of an independent investigation committee to investigate whether or not.

Many citizens respond to the government's attitude and are disappointed with the government and the police saying that they are not responding to requests.

In addition, “Democratic general elections” and “Release of persons detained in connection with protests” are becoming more difficult to realize, and the company is taking a hard stance that “one request must not be missing”. .

The protests include some young people putting eggs and black paint on China's symbolic emblem at the branch office of the Chinese government in Hong Kong, and performing a demonstration marching to protest shoppers from mainland China. The tip was also directed to China.

Among the young people, one of the democratic leaders criticizing the Chinese Communist Party has once used to slogan words such as “recover Hong Kong” or “revolution”, and protests have become anti-government The color is increasing.

Many citizens are dissatisfied with the radical acts of young people and actions that affect their lives, but they understand the young people who continue to protest at the risk of injuries and the pursuit of criminal liability. Many people show and support them, leading to uninterrupted protests over the long term.

Hong Kong International Airport Young people sit down again

At the Hong Kong International Airport, a large number of young people who gathered from the SNS call from the afternoon of 13th sat down again, protesting against the Hong Kong government and police.

In the departure lobby, there are many young people sitting in front of the two entrances to the security checkpoint and occupying the aisle, which makes it difficult for travelers to enter.

In addition, some young people say, “Establish an independent investigative committee to verify the police's response,” while traveling around the airport lobby, singing songs and singing songs with a speech. Called for support for protests.

A female college student who participated in the protest said, “I ’m sorry that the passengers at the airport are inconvenienced, but the Hong Kong government does n’t listen to us. I ’m worried about the response, but that ’s why I need to take action. ”

At the airport, flights were canceled one after another on the 13th, and many people who were stopped at the airport checked the flight status on the electronic bulletin board.

A Japanese man in his 70s said, “I came to Disneyland with my grandchild, but I was in trouble because the plane was canceled and I couldn't go home. I think there are protests not only in the city but also in the airport. I didn't. "

Expert "depending on the response of the Hong Kong government"

Regarding the widespread impact of protests in Hong Kong, Prof. Ichiro Koichiro of Kanda University of Foreign Studies, who is familiar with the situation in China and Hong Kong, said, “It ’s an all-citizen movement from children to the elderly, Unlike the “Umbrella Movement” five years ago, the leaders did not appear on the table, and they are very decentralized, such as guerrillas generated through SNS, etc. ” Showed that they are different.

On top of that, the Chinese government has shown that it has the power to do when it is done, such as stating that signs of terrorism have begun to appear against a series of protests. `` We are putting pressure on the Hong Kong government to hold down protests, '' he said, and if the protests last longer, the response of the Hong Kong police may be even more severe It was.

On the other hand, as for the outlook for the future, “I think that the Chinese government's optimistic outlook that 'the protest will not last for a long time' is part of the endurance war, but if the Hong Kong government is on the side of citizens, If there is, there is a possibility that the Chinese government will position this protest activity as a `` disturbance '', '' depending on the response of the Hong Kong government, the Chinese government considers it as a mess corresponding to the Tiananmen incident in 1989, He showed the view that the possibility of mobilizing the Liberation Army would come out.

Concerned about the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

Regarding the turmoil in Hong Kong, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights in Switzerland said on the 13th: “Any violence or vandalism is condemned. Protesters expressed their opinions in a peaceful manner. We released a statement saying “I want it”.

On the other hand, “The police are using teardrops directly many times in crowded confined spaces and participants in protests, and there is an increased risk of participants dying or seriously injured. "And urged the authorities to respect the rights of those who are engaged in peaceful protests and take a modest response.

Source: nhk

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