According to testimony, the man tried to stab several people on Tuesday afternoon local time. A movie from the scene shows how the man jumps up on a car waving a knife.

The woman who has been taken to hospital should have no life-threatening injuries. According to The Sydney Morning Herald, police have found a dead body in an apartment near the area where the attack took place. According to the newspaper, police say there is a link to the attack.

Overpowered by several people

Witnesses and police say the knife-armed man must have shouted "Allahu akbar", according to AP. The man could be arrested after several people from the public succeeded in overpowering him, including with the help of chairs.

- These individuals have gotten into this situation, which was extremely threatening. They have taken care of the person and helped us do our job, says a police officer to the Sydney Morning Herald.

According to police, the man has acted alone.

"Deeply worrying"

On Twitter, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison writes that the attack is "deeply worrying".

"Our thoughts are with all those affected by this violent attack," he writes.