The Houthi group announced Tuesday that it carried out several drone attacks on the Abha International Airport in Asir, southern Saudi Arabia.

According to the Houthi march, the shelling was carried out by K-2 drones, one of the drones they said they had developed.

The announcement comes two days after a similar attack on radars and military sites at the King Khalid air base in Khamis Mushayt in Asir, and followed a raid by the Saudi-American coalition that killed nine people in the province of Hajja (northern Yemen).

While the Houthis have already hit targets deep inside Saudi Arabia with drones and ballistic missiles, Saudi Arabia has often announced that its air defenses shot down the attack planes before reaching their targets.

The Houthis have already threatened to expand their operations inside Saudi Arabia in response to what they call aggression and blockade, while Riyadh has vowed a firm response to any attack on the Kingdom.