“In itself, the communication of the heads of state, this fact can be assessed only positively, positively. President Putin has always been a supporter of dialogue to solve pressing problems, especially in such neglected situations as Russian-Ukrainian relations, ”Peskov said.

The spokesman noted that "Putin is a very pragmatic interlocutor, and for him the main thing is not the conversation itself, but the realization of those understandings and agreements that were reached earlier and during each conversation."

On August 7, Zelensky said that he had a telephone conversation with Putin, during which he discussed the situation in the Donbass.

As noted in the Kremlin, during the discussion of the topic, the importance of strict observance of the ceasefire was emphasized.

On August 9, US President Donald Trump expressed the hope that Zelensky will be able to agree with Putin on the situation in the Donbass.