Caracas (AP) - In the ongoing power struggle in Venezuela for months, President Nicolás Maduro apparently wants to dissolve the opposition-controlled parliament.

The pro-government Constituent Assembly set up a commission on Monday to set the date for the parliamentary election. "If we conclude in the deliberations that the elections must take place this year because the National Assembly no longer exists, then we will do it," said the Chairman of the Constituent Assembly and Vice President of the Socialist Party, Diosdado Cabello a report by the newspaper El Nacional.

The next parliamentary elections would not take place until the end of next year. After President Maduro has occupied almost all state institutions in Venezuela with his followers, the National Assembly is the last bastion of the government opponents.

It is also the only state power recognized as democratically legitimized by many countries, such as the US and Germany. "They are trying to illegally dissolve the Venezuelan parliament and start new elections," said opposition leader and self-appointed interim President Juan Guaidó.

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