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Nine women accuse Plácido Domingo of sexual harassment

The impossible trace of Patricia Wulf, the woman who accuses Placido Domingo

These are all the accusations of sexual harassment against Placido Domingo: "I was always touching you"

Surely for Marta Ornelas (84), the woman who has shared 56 years of marriage with Plácido Domingo, (79) this summer of 2019 is being the worst of her life. After making public in July the ordeal that has lived with two of his children, José, from the first marriage of the tenor, and Plácido Jr. and several of his grandchildren trapped by the Church of Scientology, now the Associated Press agency has just uncovered a great scandal in line with the #metoo movement that fully points to the Spanish tenor.

According to this medium, nine women, eight singers and a dancer, almost all anonymous because the only one that shows the face is the mezzo-soprano Patricia Wulf have revealed that they suffered alleged sexual harassment by Plácido Domingo. Who, according to published information, pressured his alleged victims, young at the beginning of his professional career , to maintain relations with him in exchange for contracts, eventually punishing those who refused professionally. The events date back to the 80s and apparently lasted for three decades. Domingo, although he describes the accusations as "inaccurate", has stated that "the rules and values ​​by which we measure ourselves today are very different from what they were in the past" also ensuring that "it is painful to hear that I have been able to disturb someone" .

A real low blow for a woman like Marta Ornelas who abandoned her promising musical career to devote herself to Plácido and her children. In the program In your house or mine of Bertin Osborne said: "I told my husband that I could not be a mother, his wife and sing everything at once. I realized the size of Placido's career," she said.

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They met at the conservatory in Mexico, when Marta was already a promising soprano, and had even won the Mexican singer of the year contest. The tenor himself has reported: "When the crush occurred, she sang opera and I Zarzuela , came driving a Mercury car and was the pretty girl. She triumphed before me, but left her career when she became pregnant with our son Placido. extraordinary powers, it was a tremendous sacrifice of his. "

Placido was then no expert in sweet, as he tried to make his way in music and lived with an aunt of his in Mexico, where he arrived at 18 in 1949. While his parents, singers of Zarzuela, remained in Spain, although later also They emigrated to the Aztec country. In addition, despite his few years he already had behind him the burden of a failed marriage and a son, José, because he had married for the first time with only 16 years, in 1957 with the pianist Ana María Cue, from whom he divorced a year later That is why he recognizes that it was not easy to conquer Marta and even less to her mother-in-law "At that time a boy who married 16 years and divorced the following year with a son, was no bargain."

When the liaison took place, the tenor was 21 years old and his wife 26 and in 65 his firstborn, Plácido Jr. was born and three years later, Álvaro. They were complicated years, which forced the couple to reside in different parts of the world: Israel, New Jersey, New York ... One of the most difficult times was when they settled in Barcelona, ​​where they lived 8 years, their children still being very Small, because half of the time Marta, who had already left her career, spent it alone with her children, while the singer stood out to success and stayed almost all the time in Vienna or London.

Although the children grew up, Marta never rethought her career again in opera, although she did lead behind the stage Samson and Delilah in the opera house of Puerto Rico in 1991 and the following year Tosca in the Seville theater of The Maestranza

The scandal that has now fully splashed the marriage has caused great surprise, since they were considered a very close couple and even the tenor has always got rid of praise for his wife, whom he considers his guide and his inspiration and the who acknowledges having learned a lot when it comes to being on stage. He has also always praised the great sacrifice he made by abandoning everything for him, although Marta herself always maintained that she is very satisfied to have done so. It remains to be seen how this scandal will affect marriage and if Marta Ornelas will remain convinced, as until now, that her great sacrifice has compensated her.

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