Hannover (dpa) - If anything, Marco Rose was responsible for the cooking. The new coach of Borussia Mönchengladbach and his colleague Sandro Schwarz from Mainz 05 used to live in a shared flat.

Both are close friends since they played together under Jürgen Klopp for the Mainz. "At that time we thought: Before we make an appointment every night, we can pull together immediately," said Schwarz the "Picture on Sunday".

When the new Bundesliga season starts this weekend, the 18 clubs will have seven new coaches on the sideline. In addition to the Gladbacher Rose, there are Julian Nagelsmann (RB Leipzig), Oliver Glasner (VfL Wolfsburg), Alfred Schreuder (1899 Hoffenheim), Ante Covic (Hertha BSC), David Wagner (FC Schalke 04) and Achim Beierlorzer (1 FC Cologne) ).

Under these new as well as to other coaches of the league there are some close connections or parallels. The Schalke player David Wagner is a close confidant of Jürgen Klopp - and even more than that: The 47-year-old is the best man of the Champions League winner of Liverpool FC. "Jürgen has shaped us all," said Rose at his performance in Mönchengladbach.

Even bigger than the circle of Klopp buddies is in the Bundesliga only the number of football teachers who were promoted in their career directly by Ralf Rangnick and still rely on their work to the long-time sports director and coach of RB Leipzig. This is now the case for one third of all current Bundesliga coaches. "The Rangnickisierung the league progresses," wrote the spark media group already in May.

The new "Head of Sport" of the Red Bull Group made Rose, Glasner and Adi Hütter (Eintracht Frankfurt) once the youth, co- and head coach of RB Salzburg. He brought Achim Beierlorzer (1 FC Cologne) to Leipzig and worked closely with Wagner and Nagelsmann, who were still active in the junior area of ​​1899 Hoffenheim. "In the meantime, I've been philosophizing about football with 100, no, 1000 times more," explained David Wagner in a "kicker" interview. "But I would say that the time with Ralf Rangnick at TSG Hoffenheim was fundamental for me."

Of course, when so many coaches were influenced in their thinking by Rangnick and Klopp, that also has an impact on football, which will be played in the Bundesliga next season. Raid-like pressing, switching game at high speed: The game ideas of these two teachers are very similar.

After a total of six years in Salzburg and Linz, the Austrian Oliver Glasner now wants to implement these ideas in Wolfsburg. The now 44-year-old was sports coordinator at Red Bull Salzburg when Rangnick animated him there to a coaching career and made the assistant of the later Leverkusen Roger Schmidt.

"I did the Trainer A license in Austria and at the end I had to write a paper about what kind of football I would like to imagine," said Glasner in Wolfsburg. "I showed my work to Roger Schmidt and Ralf Rangnick, and our ideas were 90 percent identical. This time has shaped me a lot. I also took a lot with me when it comes to implementing these ideas. Because it does not help if the ideas exist only in the head of the coach. They must also be in the heads of the players. »

This "Rangnickisierung" the league like Rangnick itself very well. "That's extraordinary," he said. But since the competition now not only former RB coach but also RB managers like Jochen Schneider (Schalke) work, said the 61-year-old in July in a "time" interview: "It is also a proof of the double standard in our business. On the one hand, it is said that RB is the epitome of evil, on the other hand, we are happy to bring our top people to themselves.

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