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Ayuso props up Married


Some have wanted to see a hidden message in the absence of Pablo Casado from the investiture debate of Isabel Díaz Ayuso that began on Tuesday: a distancing between the leader of

Some have wanted to see a hidden message in the absence of Pablo Casado from the investiture debate of Isabel Díaz Ayuso that began on Tuesday: a distancing between the leader of the PP and his candidate in Madrid. Nothing is further from reality. Married will be in the inauguration of Díaz Ayuso next Monday at the Puerta del Sol and his absence from the first day of the debate has more to do with the dates on which we are.

There is no possible cooling between the two, since Díaz Ayuso has become the lifeguard of Casado. As the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida . After the bad results of the April generals, the critical voices with Casado multiplied, but were neutralized after 26-M. Alberto Núñez-Feijóo returned to take refuge in Galicia. Thanks to the results of Díaz Ayuso and Martínez-Almeida, the worst in the history of the PP in the Community of Madrid and in the capital, but sufficient to maintain the regional government and recover the City Hall, Casado has just celebrated its first anniversary as Popular leader without internal response. Who remembers now the electoral night of 28-A?

Casado has kept his territorial power virtually intact and has managed to recover the City Council of Madrid, also taking it away from Manuela Carmena . With this solid base, making opposition thinking about the future assault on Moncloa will be easier. And Casado will have in Díaz Ayuso - and also in the mayor of Madrid - an essential ally in this company. He has already made it clear in his investiture speech: the Community of Madrid will not only be the liberal laboratory in which the PP, in coalition with Citizens, will test the policies it wants to export to the whole country, but that the Puerta del Sol will emerge as a true counterpower in front of the Moncloa Palace.

Díaz Ayuso cannot deny his past or his relationship with Esperanza Aguirre or Cristina Cifuentes , because he came to the party at the hands of the first and the Executive with the second, but unlike the two he will be a loyal ally of the person who leads the match. For the first time, Genoa and Sol will walk without the step changed.

Both Cifuentes and especially Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón flew alone, despite having an office on the first floor of the national headquarters of the PP. And Esperanza Aguirre was openly hostile to Mariano Rajoy. None of that will happen with Díaz Ayuso, who is not only from Casado's personal circle, but is aware that the PP leader played with her when it was easiest to leave the candidacy in the hands of the then president of Madrid, Ángel Garrido Ayuso and Martínez-Almeida are two Casado personal bets that have been successfully settled and from two key public institutions in the political power of the country will become two pillars that will spare no effort in supporting the leader. Married will not have to recover Rajoy's "Fuck, what a troop!"

The confidence of the leader of the PP in Díaz Ayuso has been demonstrated, also, that the negotiation with Cs and Vox to form the Government of Madrid is the one in which the general secretary of the PP, Teodoro García Egea , has been less involved. The role of mediator between Ignacio Aguado and Rocío Monasterio has been effectively played by Díaz Ayuso, getting the radical formation to lower its maximalist demands from the beginning to make them acceptable to Cs. The 155 measures of the PP / Cs program agreement had already been agreed without major problem by Alfonso Serrano and César Zafra with the help of Garrido.

If it is also finally confirmed that Javier Fernández-Lasquetty , current chief of staff of the popular leader, returns to the regional government, Casado's intention to initiate the reconquest of the central government will be even more explicit from Casado.

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