Air traffic to and from Hong Kong's international airport started again on Tuesday. The aviation authorities decided on Monday afternoon (local time) to cancel all flights that had not yet been carried out due to protests at the airport. There are now hundreds of demonstrators in the building.

Travelers still have to take into account delays, as the airport is still behind schedule. In addition, hundreds of flights have been canceled.

Cathay Pacific, which has Hong Kong as its home port, has canceled two hundred flights on Tuesday. The airport is one of the largest airports in the world. 75 million travelers use the airport every year.

Allegedly more than five thousand people were present at the protest on Monday. At that time only planes could land that were already en route to the airport. It was difficult for travelers to reach or leave the airport.

There has been a peaceful demonstration at the airport since Friday, but the Hong Kong aviation authorities saw no reasons for drastic measures last week.

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"Economy may have to recover for a long time"

The protests have increasing consequences for the Hong Kong economy. Carrie Lam, Hong Kong's highest director, argues that the regional economy may have to recover long after the protests continue. She says that the violence by the demonstrators has led to a "state of panic and chaos".

The political unrest in Hong Kong has been going on for over two months and can be traced back to a controversial bill that makes extradition to China possible. The demonstrations are increasingly getting out of hand. Both the protesters and the police use violence against each other.

Beijing sees "signs of terrorism"

China increasingly speaks out about the events in the special administrative region. A spokesperson for the Hong Kong and Macau office said he saw "signs of terrorism" in the protests.

Last weekend the protests in Hong Kong got out of hand. For example, demonstrators threw two Molotov cocktails, injuring one officer. The man is being treated in hospital for burns to his legs.

The protesters state that the riot police use too much violence against it. For example, one woman would have gotten a rubber bullet in her eye, permanently damaging that eye. They also say that agents less than 1 meter away from demonstrators use tear gas.

Several hospitals are currently demonstrating against police violence, which, according to the protesters, independence must be investigated.

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