President Moon Jae-in invited the independence merit and the bereaved families to the Blue House for lunch and said, "Today's difficulty will be a stepping stone to a country where we will not be swayed by others."

"Our ancestors, who started the independence movement 100 years ago, declared that Japan was on the wrong track and fulfilling its responsibility for the East," he said. "The universal universality of coexistence and coexistence, peace and prosperity I will not forget the value. "

President Moon continued yesterday (12th), saying, "The nations are firmly responsive to Japan's economic retaliation to shake our economy, but they are responding intactly and maturely not to undermine the friendly relations between the peoples of both countries."
"The government will continue its efforts to resolve diplomatic issues by devising ways to minimize the damage to our business and our people."

The event, titled 'I remember you in the name of Korea', was attended by more than 160 people, including nine surviving patriots and descendants of independent merit who acquire Korean nationality.

At the Blue House, President Young-Min Roh, Deputy Chief of Security and Justice Yong-yong Jung, Moo-Kyung Kang, Chief of Social Security Kim Yeon-myung, Chief of Civil Society of Kim Geo-sung, and Chief Security Officer of Kim Yu-geun attended.

There was a special menu on the luncheon table that was enjoyed by the provisional government factors to make the event more meaningful. Among the lunch menus, Mr. Kim, who was convenient to carry when he avoided the pursuit of Japanese imperialism, was often eaten with rice (bamboo wrapped in bamboo leaves), and Mr. Oh, who was in charge of the provisional government Ansalim. (Cooked pork with soy sauce) was selected.

The luncheon was also home to six Taegeukgi used during the independence movement.

Moon Jae-in met with independence merit ahead of Liberation Day, please check the video on SBS news.

(Video coverage: Shin Donghwan, Video editing: Moon Jihwan)