The management system is called the 9LV Combat Management System, and simply functions as a brain. From the Combat Command Center you can control almost everything on the entire ship. The 9LV system is a very important part of the Visby Corvettes' ability, explains Joachim Hammersland, Saab's business unit manager.

- It receives everything, gathers it in the control room and supports those who are on board with different decisions in different situations. “An unknown object is approaching, what are we doing? The system says we should wait ". Then you can determine the danger, he says.

He is aboard one of the many vessels using the 9LV system, namely the Visby City Corvette HMS Nyköping. For a year now, the system has also been used aboard the Australian fleet.

- All products must be able to collaborate and communicate, and it can be difficult as virtually all messages must be encrypted, says Joachim Hammersland.

The system interconnects everything on board such as radar, sonar and missiles.

Development is moving forward

Saab has 60 people who are in the War Port in Karlskrona and continues to develop the system. Joachim Hammersland sees increased potential to introduce AI, ie Artificial Intelligence into the system.

"It will happen a lot in the future," he says.