Just before the start of the Korea-US Combined Training (10th), North Korea shot another new ballistic missile. The recent test launches seem to speed up the replacement of short-range weapon generation. In the meantime, the United States has left the United States together for joint training, and focuses exclusively on South Korea.

This is a report from a stable North Korean journalist.


North Korea's new ballistic missiles soar into the sky.

North Korea called the first missile a "new weapon."

The US tactical ground missile Ataekims is similar in appearance but is made longer and thicker, and the flight speed is twice as fast.

It has two launchers, so it has a continuous launch system.

[Shin Jong-Woo / Senior Analyst, Korea Defense Security Forum: Missiles like Aitakims have been developed to accommodate a variety of types of bombs, for example, diffused or air-dispersed mines. .]

North Korea is intensively testing the short-range weapons it has developed in recent years, from North Korean Iskander-class missiles to new missiles to new land-to-ground missiles.

Although US-ROK training is the cause of missile launches, the focus of criticism is on South Korea.

Yesterday's talk in the name of the US Department of Foreign Affairs said that inter-Korean contact would be difficult until the US stopped military training or elucidated it.

There are also Bianyan near the end, saying that the bigger the idiot, the bigger the idiot.

It is analyzed that North Korea, which is carrying out US-Korea training for the purpose of the new weapons test, is targeting South Korea instead of the United States ahead of practical negotiations.