Berlin (dpa) - The SPD wants to use according to a media report for a quick ban on the neo-Nazi network "Combat 18".

According to a report in the Süddeutsche Zeitung, this comes from a paper entitled "Strengthening and Defending the Democratic Order", which the SPD Bureau will discuss on Monday.

According to it, it says: "Whoever engages with democracy, must feel much more consistently their defensiveness."

Relying on party circles, the newspaper reported that the reason for the attack was the murder of the CDU politician and Kassel district president Walter Lübcke, racially motivated attacks on foreigners and bomb threats against party headquarters and mosques, behind which right-wing extremist organizations are suspected. In its paper, the SPD demands, on the one hand, that the pressure of persecution on the right-wing scene be drastically increased and, on the other, that civil society structures in the fight against the right should be strengthened and financially secured.

"Combat 18" is a violent right-wing extremist network operating in several European countries. "Combat" stands for fight in English, "18" is the scene code for the first and eighth letters in the alphabet, ie A and H - the initials of Adolf Hitler. The organization is considered the armed arm of the banned neo-Nazi network Blood & Honor.

At the end of July, threats against mosques in Duisburg and Berlin were signed with "Combat 18". The investigators in the murder case Lübcke check whether the suspect Stephan E. in recent years still maintained contacts in the right-wing scene in northern Hesse. Active in the region is about «Combat 18» and the 2015 banned club «Sturm 18».