During the holidays, some members of the executive take the opportunity to multiply the appearances, often near their resort. A way for them to occupy a media scene left empty by the heavyweights of the government.

This could be called holiday homework or executive postcards. While Emmanuel Macron takes advantage of Fort Brégançon, ministers are still entitled to a week of vacation. Leaves far from Paris for the most part, but some still take advantage to continue to occupy the field.

The tanned complexion certainly, they have not failed to show, despite the summer break, often not far from their vacation, joining the useful to the pleasant. Like Élisabeth Borne, in charge of the Ecology, appeared in orange lifejacket on a boat rescuers at sea of ​​Corsica, at the end of last week.

At the same time, Gabriel Attal, the Secretary of State for Youth, on holiday in Brittany, was visiting seasonal workers in Finistère. At the other end of France, the minister of relations with the Parliament, Marc Fesneau, went to an Isérois police station when his colleague with the handicap, Sophie Cluzel, visited a holiday center near Annecy.

These summer appearances are expected to continue Monday: Marc Fesneau is expected in the Dordogne and Roxana Maracineanu, Minister of Sports, Lacanau.

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Enjoy a media space left vacant

These displacements mark a will to show a government on alert despite the summer torpor, and then "it allows us to meet people quietly, without big barnum," says a minister. It is also a question of taking advantage of the hollow of the summer to be present medically, in particular for those who are not the most known.

An exception all the same: Christophe Castaner, the Minister of the Interior, remained on the bridge until these last days. Between the Steve Maia Caniço case and the fires in the south, it seemed difficult for the tenant of the place Beauvau to be absent. His entourage, however, says he will "try" to blow a few days before the start.