Bremen (dpa) - The public prosecutor's office Bremen has stopped the investigation into an attack on the AFD member of parliament Frank Magnitz.

"A suspect has not been identified," said authorities spokesman Frank Passade on Monday. The Bremen head of the party had been attacked on 7 January behind the back of unknown. About the setting of the investigation also Radio Bremen had reported.

Although about 200 notes were received, but the deed could not be enlightened, said Passade. The investigators had published a video after the fact. You can see how three men pursue Magnitz. One runs the politician from behind and apparently hits him with the elbow on his head. Magnitz falls to the ground and bangs his head. The AfD politician was injured in the attack and spent two days in the hospital.

The Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) wrote in a publication from the end of July, the attack on the left scene, commits the crimes against the political opponents. The publication dealt with the change in the crime situation in Germany through immigration.

The case Magnitz was mentioned there only as a case study, said a BKA spokeswoman. The competent authorities have reported the robbery as a politically left-motivated offense. As with all investigations against unknown but was determined in all directions. The Bremen police also stressed on Twitter that the first evaluation was not the basis of the investigation, but all possible approaches were pursued.

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