From the afternoon of yesterday (12th), the road to and from Hong Kong was blocked. The protests against the escalating "criminal humanitarian bill" led to airport occupation and the airport was temporarily closed. The airport is scheduled to resume operation this morning, but as the damage of our travelers, including flight cancellations, continued, our government responded immediately.

I am Son Hyung-an.


After Hong Kong protesters oppose criminal extradition legislation, the Hong Kong government says it will stop operating by this morning.

As a result, flights worldwide to and from Hong Kong were canceled one after another.

Passengers stuck to the airport due to sudden flight cancellations were in great turmoil.

[Traveler: I just received a flight cancellation notice a few minutes ago. I'm quite confused now. No one can help.]

The damages of Korean travelers who could not leave to Hong Kong or who were tied up in Hong Kong were also affected.

The Ministry of Land and Home Affairs explained that 10 nationality flights were confirmed from Korea to Hong Kong, and 13 foreign airlines were likely to be cancelled.

The total number of Korean tourists bound in Hong Kong is 1,200.

They were not informed that they would not be able to board Hong Kong Airport via airlines, and were not allowed to stay at the airport.

The ministry said it is also planning to send a replacement to Hong Kong Airport, or to transport them to nearby airports such as Macau if the airport is not available.

China's central government once again warns of Hong Kong protests, and observes whether China's intervention is impending.