Hong Kong Airport has announced the cancellation for Monday 12 August of all flights departing and arriving due to the scale of a protest at its main terminal. "With the exception of departing departing flights and arriving flights that are already on their way to Hong Kong, all other flights have been canceled for the remainder of the day," the report said. airport authority in a statement.

This is a major decision for this internationally recognized airport for its efficiency, which in 2018 was the eighth busiest in the world, with 74 million passengers. The arrivals hall of its main terminal has since Friday been the scene of an impressive sit-in.

More than 5,000 protesters at the airport

More than 5,000 protesters, mostly dressed in black, are massed to "welcome" and educate foreign visitors to their mobilisaton, with songs, slogans and a distribution of leaflets explaining the meaning of prodemocracy demonstrations that ignite the city since June.

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"Airport operations (...) have been severely disrupted by public rallies at the airport today," the statement said. The authority states that the traffic to the airport is "very crowded" and that its car parks are completely full.

"It is advisable for members of the public not to come to the airport."

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