Beijing (dpa) - The first device from Huawei with its own Android alternative Harmony OS will be a networked TV. The Chinese company presented the device of the subsidiary brand Honor at the weekend to conclude its developer conference.

The television Honor Vision TV with 4K resolution has a screen size of 55 inches and runs with Chinese chips.

Huawei had introduced its operating system Harmony OS last week and stressed that the group is always able to replace Google's Android in his smartphones. The company is threatened with losing access to Android because it has been blacklisted by US President Donald Trump, citing security concerns. The Android lock was initially suspended until the end of August - how it continues after that is open.

Huawei emphasizes that Harmony OS should run on all types of networked devices. The software is just as the Google system open source accessible to all. "We want to establish a global operating system that is not just used by Huawei," said Huawei manager Richard Yu at the launch.

Honor Vision TV at Vmall