Kansas City (AP) - Record World Champion Simone Biles has made a novelty in gymnastics. The 22-year-old American was the first woman in the world to stand on the ground at the US Championships in Kansas City, a double-seated, three-bolt double-bottomed body, creating a spectacular turn-element.

Only when Biles turns this "triple-double" element also at the World Championships in Stuttgart in October, it will in the future in the rules of the World Gymnastics Federation FIG also get their name.

"I wanted to see what that looks like," Biles said. Her teammates reacted more exuberantly. "She does things that I never thought people could do," said 16-year-old Sunisa Lee. "It's a giant thing. No one has ever done that for women, and she does it better than most men, "said US head coach Tom Forster.

Biles won with 29,400 points (at the US Championships two exercises in the classification) not only superior to the title on the ground, but took after Clara Schroth (1945-1952) as the second gymnast the sixth US title in the all-around. With 118,500 points she prevailed after two complete four-legged matches, ahead of Sunisa Lee (113,550) and Grace McCallum (111,850). Biles thus underscored their ambitions for their fifth World Cup title in Stuttgart. So far, the exceptional gymnast has won World Cup gold 14 times. In the US title fights, she also won the title on the balance beam and the jump.

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