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Growing weather forecast: Clouds often obstruct the view of Perseiden shooting stars


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Offenbach / Heppenheim (dpa) - A nearly full moon and many places cloud in the night of Tuesday likely to affect the view of the Perseids. Then the falling star stream reaches its peak.

The anticipation is also dampened by other peculiarities: Thus, the actual maximum lies during the day, explained Carolin Liefke from the board of the Association of Sternfreunde in Heppenheim. In addition, the Perseids can be seen a bit sparser than usual: Because the earth does not hit Liefke so well on their orbit the "cloud of dust", from which they come.

Generally, in the night of Tuesday, the moon is almost full in the sky. As the earth-moon brightens the sky strongly, one sees only the particularly intensive shooting stars. The moon sinks only after 3:00 (CEST) on the horizon.

The best chances for a free view of the sky exist in a broad strip of Baden to the northeast, said a spokesman for the German Weather Service on Sunday. There are also good chances around the North and Baltic Seas. However, in both areas high fog clouds could affect visibility. Because of dense clouds, the chances are in the southeast rather bad. And even in the West, the view could be obstructed: There is to raise a rain area at night.

The Perseids have their name because they seem to spring from the constellation Perseus. The cause of the phenomenon are particles of the comet 109P / Swift-Tuttle. The earth crosses this "dust cloud" on its orbit. If the dust particles penetrate into the atmosphere at high speed, the traces of light are produced. They are also popularly called Laurentius Tears - after the martyr died in the 3rd century AD.

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