The government said today (12) it will remove Japan from the list of export preferential countries. He declared a counterattack on 'eyes for eyes, teeth for teeth'.

This is reporter Park Chan-keun.


The government has lowered its strategic material exports to Japan one step further today.

So far, we have categorized 'ga region', which is a good place to apply looser export regulations, and 'na region' which collects the rest of the regions. Divided again.

[Sung Yun-mo / Minister of Industry: In this revision of the notice, Japan is categorized as 'Two-area'.]

The government explained that the new 'Ga-ga 2' region includes four countries that have joined the four international export controls but operate export control systems that do not comply with the principles.

In the future, Japan will, in principle, be subject to stronger export controls at the “my region” level.

Comprehensive permission for strategic material, which was permitted in principle, is only permitted in exceptional circumstances.

Application documents range from one to three, and the examination period will also increase significantly from 5 to 15 days.

The government said it did not include restrictions on the export of certain items to Japan, as Japan did.

He also said he is ready to respond whenever and wherever the Japanese government asks for consultations during the comments.