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Argentine presidential candidate Alberto Fernandez, after his victory in the primaries. Buenos Aires, August 11, 2019. REUTERS / Agustin Marcarian

The primary elections of this Sunday, August 11, 2019 gave a big victory to the Peronist Alberto Fernandez, with 47% of the votes against 32% to the outgoing president of center right Mauricio Macri. Voters have sanctioned the economic policy of the government in place since 2015.

With our correspondent in Buenos Aires, Jean-Louis Buchet

It's a tidal wave. And a slap for Mauricio Macri. With the exception of Buenos Aires, the capital, he recedes in all major urban centers, which gave him the victory in 2015.

Some of the middle classes abandoned it. Bosses of SMEs who had to close shop or dismiss, executives and employees whose purchasing power is rolled by inflation, the disappointed macrisme are numerous.

They were not convinced by the presidential candidate's speech that today's sacrifices would be a step on the road to recovery.

The return of Cristina Kirchner

It was also a success for Cristina Kirchner, vice-presidential candidate, who reunited the Peronist family by giving first place to Alberto Fernandez, one of his former collaborators.

Playing on velvet, the latter promised to end the economic crisis and austerity. Without much more details.

The vote of these primaries is only indicative. The presidential election will take place on October 27th. But it is hard to see how victory could escape Alberto Fernandez.

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