Braunschweig (dpa) - In the opinion of the Higher Regional Court of Brunswick it is not possible to bundle all legal actions for the sample procedure of investors to the VW diesel affair.

For compensation claims against the Volkswagen AG is exclusively the district court of Brunswick responsible for claims against VW major shareholder Porsche SE, however, the district court of Stuttgart, said the competent civil division.

The two companies are model defendants in the mammoth case, in which VW investors claim damages worth billions of euros for losses suffered after the announcement of diesel fraud. Sample claimant is the Deka Investment (Az 3 Kap 1/16). Negotiations have been going on for almost a year. Against the partial decision is appeal to the Federal Supreme Court possible.

"Despite today's decision, Volkswagen continues to believe that the fact-based and evidence-based court should rule on all alleged claims of the plaintiffs," said a VW spokesman.

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