According to police, a 40-year-old woman complained about a local resident, who said that he had repeatedly called her on the phone and tried to get into her house.

“During the search, employees in the house and outbuildings found an M-80 Zola hand grenade launcher, 15 hand grenades, three 20-millimeter shells, two automatic rifles, two semi-automatic, one rifle, five machine guns, a smooth-bore pump-action shotgun, a small-caliber shotgun, 10 pistols and revolvers and 8 986 rounds of various calibers, ”the department said.

The weapon was stored without permission, it was confiscated.

Earlier, Ukrainian police discovered and seized an arsenal of weapons and ammunition in Mirnograd in the Donetsk region.

Also in December 2018, it was reported that the man left an RPG-22 grenade launcher in the back seat of a taxi car in the city of Nikopol, Dnipropetrovsk Region of Ukraine.