Behind the ice rink in Östersund, the ground is now being prepared for Jämtkraft's new solar park. The park's area is comprised of approximately eight football pitches and will be able to provide the household with more than 600 villas (calculated at 5,000 kWh per villa on average) or 1,000 apartments.

Östersundhem is also involved in running the project together with Jämtkraft and will own 50 percent of the shares. One fourth will Jämtkraft own and the remaining quarter the public will be able to buy into. And the interest has been great, says project manager Caroline Hildahl.

- We have already had an interest in excess of that quarter. So it's great fun that so many want to contribute to more renewable energy here in the county, she says.

The life expectancy of the park is at least 30 years and after that it may be the question of upgrading or changing technology.

How environmentally friendly is it if the solar cells have to be replaced in 30 years?

- It's a question that comes up often. The solar cells pay off in the energy they create. The supplier also recycles the solar cells the day they need to retire.

The park is estimated to cost SEK 24 million to build.