A flight to return to Narita ...

A large number of citizens protested at Hong Kong's international airport, and many aircraft operations were cancelled. Narita Airport returned to Hong Kong on the evening of the evening of 12th.

Following protests at Hong Kong's international airport, the Hong Kong government announced that it had canceled its 12th flight operation after 7pm Japan time.

In response, Hong Kong LCC = 849, a Hong Kong LCC = cheap airline that left Narita Airport at around 4:30 pm on the 12th, turned back halfway before arriving at the site, and arrived at Narita after 8 pm .

Passengers who arrived at the arrival gate by bus had a tired expression and were waiting for information such as future prospects and procedures.

A 36-year-old office worker man who had planned to travel to Hong Kong announced that he had returned to Narita after a short announcement that he would get off in Fukuoka in about three hours after boarding. When I returned to Narita, I knew again that it was a large-scale demo in the news.

A man in his 40s who was planning to go to Disneyland in Hong Kong with his family said, “I didn't have a Japanese announcement, so I thought I arrived at Hong Kong Airport. I ’m sorry because I ’ve booked it before. ”

A Chinese man in his 40s who was planning to return to China via Hong Kong said, “I was going to see my family in China, but I canceled my schedule. I do n’t know what will happen.” I was talking so.