The large beach clean-up campaign of the North Sea Foundation has delivered 2,542 cigarette butts on Saturday. This stage of a relay campaign that lasts a few weeks, led from Hoek van Holland to Monster. The 85 volunteers cleaned out a total of 191 kilos of waste. They kept all butts separately.

Cigarette filters are, according to the foundation, the most found waste item on tourist beaches. Butts are also on the beach worldwide in the top three.

The butts contribute to the plastic soup, warn. Filters consist of 95 percent cellulose acetate (plastic) and contain harmful substances. A cigarette filter contaminates up to 8 liters of water.

In addition, filters and residues thereof can be considered as food and therefore harmful to marine mammals, birds and fish. The North Sea Foundation calls on beach visitors to neatly throw cigarette filters in the ashtray for a clean beach and a healthy sea.

The strong wind made work harder

Despite the strong wind, which caused many events along the coast to be canceled, the cleaners continued their work on Saturday, albeit with the wind and sometimes fitted with goggles against the drifting sand.

From 1 to 15 August, around 3000 volunteers will participate in the clean-up campaign along the entire coast. The final results of #beachcleanuptour in Zandvoort will be announced that day.

The Wadden Islands have already been cleaned up: a total of 496 volunteers have taken away 3,262 kilos there, against 2,977 kilos last year. There was still waste from containers that went overboard early this year from the container ship MSC Zoe.


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