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These Sudanese migrants are waiting to be sent home to Libya's Benghazi International Airport on August 8, 2019. REUTERS / Esam Omran Al-Fetori

The Europeans are still very quiet so the ship Ocean Vicking rescued Saturday 80 new migrants to the open waters of Libya, and the ship Open Arms has been looking for ten days, a port to disembark 121 migrants rescued in two separate operations.

Three boats dedicated to the rescue of migrants are currently in the Mediterranean. The Ocean Viking (with 170 migrants on board), armed by NGOs Doctors Without Borders and SOS Mediterranean, Open Arms (121 migrants) of the Spanish NGO Proactiva are both looking for a port of landing. The ship Alan Kurdi chartered by the German NGO Sea Eye was able to land in Malta the 40 migrants he had collected in early August.

Día 9. #OpenArms
160 personas necesitan a puerto seguro YA.
Personas, vidas humanas, abandons in medio del mar sin explicación alguna.
Es una demostración in toda regla of the falta of humanidad absoluta of sus gobiernos.
Europa, das vergüenza. # Antespresosquecomplices pic.twitter.com/CIicEBlTR2

Open Arms (@openarms_fund) August 10, 2019

And for a week, the European Commission has repeated, in a loop, the same message: " We can not organize the landing of migrants aboard humanitarian ships. We do not have the competence. We can only coordinate a distribution of these people between the different European countries. It's up to capitals to show solidarity . "

No formal agreement in Paris on a distribution of migrants

And at this point, there is no agreement between Europeans for the landing of migrants from the Open Arms . In fact, for every boat, it's the same pattern that has been reproduced for a year since Matteo Salvini decided to prevent humanitarian ships from accessing Italian ports, recalls our Brussels correspondent, Joana Hostein .

Several states, including France, are pushing for the creation of a more permanent mechanism for landing migrants rescued in the Mediterranean. In vain for the moment. In July, a meeting was held in Paris to conclude an agreement on a European distribution of migrants on a voluntary basis. Fourteen countries gave an agreement in principle, but Italy did not participate in the meeting. In addition to Italy, reluctant to engage in Franco-German initiatives, the Eastern European countries fear that such a device will encourage more migrants to attempt the crossing to Europe.

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A new meeting to try to move finally on this file is planned at the beginning of September in Malta.

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