With a huge plume, the magnet drops below the water surface. Niklas Larsson starts to pull the rope that sits in it anyway and will soon catch on properly. It often peaks in Fyrisån, but it is rarely fish that this company catches up with (although it happens, too). This time it's a rental bike that they drag up on the walk.

The bike, along with any other scrap they get, they then collect in a floating container a bit away. Fishing began in 2016 and the following year Uppsala Magnetic Fishing Association was formed. Uppsala Municipality initiated a collaboration with the association, which has now undertaken to clean up non-profit.

"The really old objects we sometimes get are the wages of the misery," says Niklas Larsson and hooks.

But it's not just bikes and antique items that are picked up from the river. They have also fished every gun. And older grenades.

- And lots of ammunition, says Niklas Larsson.

Learn more about their fishing happiness in the clip.