Landslide in southern Myanmar More than 50 dead Still about 30 people are missing August 11 20:33

On the 9th in southern Myanmar, more than 50 people died of landslides caused by heavy rain. About 30 people are still missing, and the number of deaths may increase further in the future.

A landslide caused by heavy rain occurred in the morning of Mon State in southern Myanmar, and the entire village of more than 20 households was covered with earth and sand.

Search and rescue operations have continued in the field, and 51 deaths have been confirmed so far, according to Myanmar fire authorities.

Myanmar's leading paper tells the local government that it is still unknown where about 30 people are going, and the number of deaths may increase further in the future.

In the video from the locality, the village where the landslide occurred was covered with earth and sand mixed with large stones, and those who were saved outside the village at that time looked worried about the search activities, but the family who did not know where to go I was praying safely.

The village man said, “I heard the sound of the mountain crashing twice around 7:00 am and hurried back home, but it was late. The whole village was destroyed by earth and sand, and only my wife could help me. There are 16 other families, but two are found in the body and the remaining 14 are still unknown. "

In Myanmar during the rainy season, heavy rains occur every day, and according to the United Nations Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, approximately 38,000 people have been evacuated from their homes throughout Myanmar.