Juan Carlos Quer , Diana Quer's father, heads the Platform for the non-repeal of the Pentant Reviewable Prison (PPR), which tries not to move forward with the proposed PNV law to be eliminated.

What do you remember about the Juan José Cortés campaign in 2008 for life imprisonment? Did you sign it? I saw it in all media, but since it was developed manually I did not have the opportunity to give support at that time. Did you then agree with the measure or did you change your position after the murder of your daughter? He was already in favor of such a measure. For ordinary citizens it is necessary. The polls show results of a support for the PPR of seven out of 10 citizens, also on the left. How did you get involved in this campaign to avoid repeal? It came up spontaneously when I brought my daughter's body to Madrid. I got the phones from the houses of Marta del Castillo, Juan José Cortés, Ruth Ortiz ... I asked them to attend my daughter's funeral and we marked the initiative through change.org. We must be around 2,950,000 digital signatures, in addition to 400,000 manuals. What is the platform doing to avoid repeal? In September I met with the Minister of Justice [Dolores Delgado] who, in an absolutely firm way, was promised that the PSOE would not make any determination to repeal this penalty until the Constitutional ruling is pronounced. And what do you think will happen? What worries me is that, after the sepulchral silence in the PSOE's program on this issue, I have learned that at the request of the PNV the repeal issue has been brought to the table again. I want to believe that the PSOE and President Sánchez, at least for this time, keep the word compromised. It is unreasonable that those who defend protecting the rights of women and the most vulnerable can support the repeal against the majority support of society.

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