The Italian authorities are investigating the causes that forced a Boeing 787 plane, from the Norwegian company and with 298 passengers, to land on Saturday at the Fiumicino Roman airport on Saturday, after some fragments of the engine broke off after taking off for destination to the Angels.

The event occurred at around 4:30 p.m. local time (14.30 GMT) when the plane, which had already taken off from Fiumicino airport, had to return immediately to the runway due to a technical problem, after several metal fragments fell from the Heaven hitting the roofs of houses and several cars that were parked on the street, local media report.

The first hypotheses suggest that the fragments, which were up to five centimeters in size, got rid of the engine when the plane was flying over the coastal municipality near the Roman airport.

An investigation has been opened to clarify the reasons for the problem and it has been ruled out, for the moment, that it was caused by the presence of a bird, since the front of the plane and the turbines were perfectly intact.

The plane landed on runway number 16 without difficulties, while emergency teams and security forces, police and firefighters immediately came to the area to intervene if necessary.

The 298 passengers, the nine cabin crew members and the three pilots, meanwhile, got off the plane normally to go inside the airport facilities.

There were no injuries in the incident, although there were damaged cars that had broken windows as a result of the impact of the fallen fragments.

The Italian National Flight Safety Agency ordered the opening of an operational inspection in the area, while Norwegian airline explained in a statement that the plane had a technical problem, without giving further details.

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