Hong Kong Youth and police clashes one after the other August 12:06:21


In Hong Kong, there were a series of clashes between the youth and the police on the 11th over a draft amendment to the ordinance that allowed the suspects to be handed over to mainland China. Protests are also taking place in a busy area where many tourists gather while changing places in a short time, raising concerns about citizens and tourists.

In Hong Kong, protests have been made to seek complete withdrawal of the ordinance revisions that allow citizens to transfer suspects to mainland China and to establish an independent investigative committee to investigate the appropriateness of police responses. Is continuing.

Demonstrations and rallies were held on the 11th, after which young people were divided into small groups and occupied the roads rolling around.

In Nathan Road, one of Hong Kong's busiest shopping districts on the Kowloon Peninsula, where many tourists from Japan visit, youths ignite fire on the grounds and streets of police stations and shine laser beams toward police officers. The police fired teardrops following the day, and they were confused by embarking on forced exclusion.

In the suburban Shinkai area, police fired teardrops at subway stations, and the station premises were temporarily covered in white smoke.

In protests, some young people are becoming more radical, and in addition to demonstrations and gatherings like before, they are increasingly acting in different places in a short time.

The situation is unpredictable when and where the clashes occur, and concerns are growing not only for citizens but also for tourists.