Hong Kong Protests continued Hong Kong government stressed criminal stance August 11 17:56

In Hong Kong, there are concerns that there will be clashes with the police and other parties that were held in various locations on the 11th against the proposed amendments to the ordinance that will allow the suspects to be handed over to mainland China.

In Hong Kong, protests have been made to demand that citizens hand over suspects to the mainland, completely withdraw the proposed amendments to the ordinance, and establish an independent investigative committee to investigate the appropriateness of police responses. Is continuing.

From the afternoon of the 11th, protests were held in a residential area on the east side of Hong Kong Island, and in the Kowloon Peninsula where there are many shops and factories. Many citizens gathered in the park and said, “Government should respond to requests”. After raising, some participants began a march.

The protests on the 11th expressed concern against police going out of the park and marching because of police safety concerns, and there are concerns about clashes with the police. Local media have also reported that there are areas in the area where there are many residents who resist the march, and it is pointed out that there may be a collision between the participants of the demonstration and the surrounding residents.

On the 10th in Hong Kong, young people were arrested for confusing to occupy roads and set fires in various places such as downtowns and residential areas, and 16 people were suspected of illegal gatherings.

The Hong Kong government stated in the statement that the act of participants in the demonstration is not only illegal but also illegal, and there are also dangerous acts such as arson, and it is strongly accused. doing.