In Hong Kong last weekend, guerrilla protests in various parts of the city demanded the removal of criminal extradition legislation. Police mobilized tear gas, and demonstrators used Molotov cocktails to injure people.

I am reporter Kim Ah-young.


Hong Kong police fired tear gas inside the station.

On weekends, yesterday (11th), protests were held in various parts of downtown Hong Kong calling for the complete removal of criminal extradition law. Weekend demonstrations are the 10th week.

As guerrilla protests continue, clashes between protesters and police have escalated.

Authorities only allowed demonstrations in Victoria Park, where more than 3,000 people participated, but attendees marched on the road after the event.

Police arrested at least 10 people, including protesters, who were wounded in both police and protesters.

Police were also injured by the Molotov cocktail thrown by protesters.

[Hong Kong Police: Our goal is to protect Hong Kong. Hong Kong police will tell you what we can do to restore the law and principles.]

An NGO official who led the protests is reportedly threatened with murder.

Some protesters have continued to appeal to foreigners and mainland Chinese for three days at Hong Kong International Airport.

Conflicts between China, the United States and the United Kingdom are deepening over the Hong Kong protests.

When Britain expressed its opposition to armed suppression, it was argued that China was different from 1842 when it lost Hong Kong after losing its opium war.