The Emergency Aid (SEH) of the OLVG in the Amsterdam East district will open again on Sunday after 4 pm after an earlier fire in an ambulance near the hospital. The GP station opens one hour later.

Earlier the hospital reported that both departments would remain closed Sunday due to air pollution in the departments. Smoke has entered the air treatment system of the Department of Emergency and Medicine and the GP station. Because of this, the hospital found it irresponsible to receive patients or to have employees work.

The air treatment system has been investigated and no soot particles have been found. All air ducts are purified and the filters are replaced, after which the emergency room can receive patients again around 4 p.m.

The OLVG advises patients who urgently need medical help to go to another hospital until that time.

Cause of fire is unknown

The fire broke out in the night from Saturday to Sunday due to an unknown cause. The site was then immediately evacuated. Because there were gas bottles in the burning ambulance, there was a brief danger of explosion.

The fire was extinguished on Sunday morning at around 7 a.m., thus eliminating the danger of explosion.

According to the OLVG, patients and employees have never been in danger.

UPDATE 9.20: The Emergency Help @OLVG, location East is still closed. The air treatment system is contaminated and can no longer properly purify the air in the emergency room. We are working hard on a solution.

Avatar AuthorolvgMoment of places07: 20 - 11 August 2019


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