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Aden coup .. Zubaidi address the friendly coalition and Interior Minister accuses Saudi Arabia of silence


The head of the so-called UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council in Yemen, Aidroos al-Zubaidi, said his forces were committed to the ceasefire in Aden and expressed his readiness to work with the Saudi-Emirati alliance, while Yemeni Interior Minister Ahmed al-Maissari accused the presidency and Saudi Arabia of silence over the "coup".

Al-Zubaidi said that the recent events in Aden had been imposed on his forces, forcing them to secure the capital from camps that were harboring what he called "terrorist elements."

In a recorded speech, Al-Zubaidi expressed the Council's readiness to work responsibly with the leadership of the Saudi-UAE coalition in managing the current crisis and its consequences in Aden, pointing out their readiness to attend a meeting called by Saudi Arabia.

Zubaidi said that "Eid al-Adha this year coincided with the clearance of terrorist camps and factories manufacturing explosives and booby-traps in Aden." Referring to the presidential protection forces.

Deputy Chairman of the Southern Transitional Council refused to negotiate under threat or bombed aircraft

Don't negotiate
Hani Ben Brik, vice president of the so-called Southern Transitional Council, said negotiations were neither under threat nor under bombardment, noting that the Houthis had held out for five years.

The coalition of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in Yemen on Saturday evening called for an "immediate" ceasefire in Aden (southern Yemen), stressing that it would use "military force" against those who violate it.

The coalition demanded "all components and military formations of the transitional and the security belt forces to return immediately to their positions, and withdraw from the positions seized during the past days, and not to prejudice the public and private property."

The forces of the Transitional Council, which calls for the secession of the south, and the security belt took control of the presidential palace in the interim capital Aden, and expelled the legitimate government from the city.

The control of the UAE-backed forces in Aden comes days after Abu Dhabi announced the withdrawal of its forces from Yemen, which observers considered an attempt by the UAE to release its responsibility for "a planned and planned action against the government of Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi."

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Meeting and indictment of Saudi Arabia
In a related development, the Saudi Press Agency reported that King Salman bin Abdul Aziz met with Yemeni President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi in Mecca, and discussed with him the latest situation and ways to achieve security and stability in Yemen.

For his part, the agency "Saba" Yemen that King Salman expressed his rejection of the coup of the UAE-backed southern transitional council against the Yemeni government in the interim capital Aden.

According to the agency, the Saudi king "expressed his rejection of the practices of the Transitional Council targeting the institutions of the military, security and civilian, and his rejection of all that would undermine the institutions of the state."

The meeting between Salman and Hadi came hours after Yemeni Interior Minister Ahmed al-Maisari accused the Saudi presidency of silence over the coup against the Yemeni government in Aden.

The facilitator said in a video from Aden before being transported by a Saudi plane to Riyadh on Saturday; "The institution of the Yemeni presidency was not successful in its dubious silence on what happened and happening in Aden."

He also criticized Saudi Arabia for its silence four days, and its coalition partner (UAE) slaughtering the legitimate government from vein to vein, he said.

He added that 400 Emirati vehicles driven by hackers took to the streets of Aden and participated in the confrontations, and we fought them with our primitive weapons.

"We congratulate the UAE on our victory, but it will not be the last battle," he said.

Al-Maysari likened the looting of the Southern Transitional Militants to the homes of their leaders in Aden with what the Houthis did in Sanaa, calling on the supporters of legitimacy to keep the levers of freedom in their chests, not to lie down to the owners of the destructive project, and uphold the values ​​of truth, justice and coexistence.

Source: aljazeera

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