The ruling and opposition parties continued their confrontation with their national affairs minister today (11th), a holiday.

The ruling Democratic Party, along with the ruling Democratic Party, actively defended Cho's candidate with the “Law for Legal Reform,” while the free opposition party, the first opposition party, was a self-disciplined disregard for opposition. Was awful.

Park Chan-dae, a Democratic Party spokesman, said: "Cho candidate must work with Prosecutor General Yoon Suk-Yeol to concentrate on prosecutor reform and establishment of airborne center under the control of the National Assembly, the representative authority of the sovereign." I hope you don't forget your passion. "

"The Korean Party's" allergy "reaction is reappearing," he said. "Is the Korean party deliberately hindering the Moon's judicial reform by ruling out candidate Cho, the right person for prosecution reform?"

The Korean Party, on the other hand, was more enthusiastic about hitting the country.

Lee Jae-jae, a member of the Judiciary Committee, argued that Cho's 25 papers on academic journals are involved in plagiarism.

Senator Kim Do-eup, a secretary of the judiciary committee, predicted a wave offensive in a personnel hearing, saying, "Cho candidate is the right person to resign from all aspects of political bias, quality and ability."

Righteous Future Party also criticized Mr. Cho as ineligible to serve as the attorney general, criticizing President Moon Jae-in's dogma and self-righteousness.