The South China Morning Post reported that protests involving children and elderly people in strollers took place in the wake of protests against Hong Kong.

The protesters marched for two hours from Wan Chai to Admiralty, asking the police to put down their weapons to protect the children's future.

At the protest site, where hundreds of people participated, strollers and balloons appeared instead of helmets and masks.

Along with her husband and her two-year-old daughter, the critics criticized the meeting as one of the few approved meetings since the government's ban, and the government has abused tear gas and violently suppressed the protesters.

Protesters attempted to deliver a petition that criticized the police and Carriram, but eventually returned with a petition on a barricade outside the office.

The airport demonstration lasted for two days at Hong Kong International Airport, informing airport users about the removal of repatriation laws.

The demonstrators were reduced to two digits in the morning and 300 more people joined at 2 pm, local media said.

Hong Kong police dismissed protests scheduled in the Taipo and Wong Tai Sin districts and demonstrations that will be held in eastern Hong Kong Island and Ssam Surpo areas the next day from Causeway Bay to North Point.

In Hong Kong, police have been ordered by the chief leaders, and rumors have been reported that they will go to mass arrests without attempting to disband the protesters this weekend.

But local media reported that senior Hong Kong police denied that the information was inaccurate and would help people express their views peacefully.

Police have been informed tomorrow that there will be a massive assault of demonstrators in North Point, and more than 3,000 riot police are reportedly intensified in Victoria Park, where the rally is allowed.