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Terrorism of white extremists .. The problem that plagues the US


Had one of the perpetrators of last week's mass killings been a Muslim, all the resources of the US government and its international allies would have rushed to criticize and condemn without delay. The terrible power of the state is working tirelessly to prevent erosion

Had one of the perpetrators of last week's mass killings been a Muslim, all the resources of the US government and its international allies would have rushed to criticize and condemn without delay. The terrible power of the state is working tirelessly to prevent terrorists from accessing weapons and money, and the platforms that allow them to spread their ideology through them. These terrorists could be infiltrated by the intelligence services, and the financiers of these terrorist movements could face significant sanctions against them, and the places where they gather were monitored. Those who provide assistance or even relief to terrorists can be prosecuted, and rehabilitation programs for former terrorist organizations are also being established.

No American will accept "ideas and prayers" as a counter-terrorism strategy, and no American will blame terrorist attacks on video games, as Texas Assistant Governor Dan Patrick did in an interview last Sunday when he discussed mass murder in El Paso, Texas. Texas, which killed 20 people and injured 27 others.


Moderate Muslims are also expected to be condemned if they do not condemn in the strongest terms extremist actions. Foreign countries could be penalized if they did not provide sufficient assistance to the cause of combating Islamic terrorism. Politicians could be so angry at this terrorism that they would demand that any Muslim be banned from entering the United States.

Even the average observer can understand what is going on now. The whole world, and the West in particular, suffers a terrorist problem for nationalist white extremists, which has been ignored or excuses for a long time. On the eve of the September 11 attacks, President George W. Bush declared that we must be a "vigilant state" and called for the protection of freedom. "Our misfortune has turned into anger, anger is a determination," he said. On how the United States is dealing with Islamic extremism, but if there had been a degree of vigilance and unity in efforts at white radicalism, we would have been far safer.

Global ideology

Terrorist attacks on white extremists are local, but they have a global ideology. The terrorist who fired on Saturday and wrote, according to federal police, that he fears "Hispanic invasion of Texas," was in fact representing white Americans and shot for mass murder in El Paso. The killer said in his statement that he had drawn some inspiration from the terrorist attack by a New Zealand killer in the city of Christchurch, which killed 51 Muslims. The catalyst, which led to Dayton's work in Ohio, is still under investigation.

In April, the terrorist who shot at a synagogue in Poway, California, repeated the same words of the killer of Christchurch, and appeared to draw inspiration from a massacre at a synagogue in Petersburg last fall. The killer of Christchurch was inspired by white terror attacks in Norway, the United States, Italy, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. An investigation by The Times earlier this year revealed that "one-third of the killers of white extremists since 2011 were inspired by others who carried out attacks similar to what they did, acknowledged or showed interest in their tactics." White extremism is a mobile ideology of violence. And interconnected. Her supporters gather with anonymous names on social media to spread their ideas, plan attacks, and encourage acts of terrorism.


The result is a kind of social networking that encourages bloodshed, and sites like "4 Chan" and "8 Chan" have become a breeding ground for the activities of white extremists. Users of these sites stream in anonymous names, spreading racial, sexual and terrorist content throughout the Internet. These users share fascist literary works, Nazi propaganda and false scientific texts on racism, intelligence, and the theory of substitution (which says whites in their communities are replaced by non-whites), in order to fuel extremism among their peers.

Racism is not new

These racist societies are not new. There is a storefront, an old website for white extremists who publish their news. It was created by American white extremist Don Luck in 1996. There are also other extremist communities, such as Neo-Nazi and Daily Stormer. , I worked to spread the ideas of white extremists for several years. Some of the most extreme and insane users of these websites have moved their hatred to others from real-world networking sites, such as Dylan Rove, who killed nine black people on their way to church in Charleston in 2015. He has an account at the Storefront site. Under the name «Lil Arian».

In recent months, discussions have increased among unidentified people on 8Chan, who are increasingly focusing on carrying out terrorist acts by white extremists. In the aftermath of the Christchurch massacre, white extremists set out on these sites seeking approval for acts of terrorism and violence. They published a hastily written statement in the hope that others would be inspired to carry out further killings. These days, the police force provides few answers to many questions about how to contain these communities. Because of the anonymous nature of these virtual platforms, it is difficult to monitor them to see how real they are.

But real-world violence linked to websites has made some security agencies focus more on the hate communities of the virtual world. Technology companies also seem unwilling to deal with white terrorism in the same way they have dealt with the spread of Islamist extremist groups on the Internet, such as ISIS. Companies such as Facebook and Twitter have removed millions of material that served as propaganda for IS and al-Qaeda and spread between 2014 and 2018. But no similar criteria have been taken for the terrorist extremism of whites. Although the roots of white extremism predate the existence of the Donald Trump administration for several decades, it gained strong legitimacy during Trump's stay in power.

The debate over the substitution of white immigrants, for example, has appeared on several programs on Fox News. In May, President Donald Trump asked about the "invasion" of immigrants and how to stop them during a rally in Florida. One of his supporters shouted, "Shoot them," and Trump joked, "This only happens in Panhandle," where the crowd was.

Americans have been killed by local terrorists far more than those killed by Islamist extremists since 2001, according to the FBI, yet the FBI still insists on working to thwart international terrorism.

Although the state owes the victims of 9/11 to work to repress the terrorists, but it also owes the victims of the city of El Paso and the hundreds of other victims who were killed by white American terrorists.

Moderate members of the political right should condemn extremism and white terrorism, even if the president condemned them from one side of his mouth and at the same time glorified the white ethnicity of the other. Advertising companies should not be sponsors of television programs that glorify white nationalism or defend their superiority. Neither should banks help fund white extremist organizations, and religious leaders should condemn and condemn white extremism from their preaching platforms.

Technology companies must also take responsibility and remove advertising platforms for white extremists, just as they did with ISIS. Security forces should search for extremists by anonymous names by looking into the issues of people who openly advocate white extremism.

Those who sympathize with white extremism, but who reject violence, should work closely with the police to help them identify people who are vulnerable to violence, and most importantly, US security and police officers need to target white extremists with the same enthusiasm when targeting Islamist extremists. This guarantees the security of the homeland, and there is no compromise when it comes to supporting white extremism, but not terrorism. You have to be either with or against both sides.

Even the average observer can understand what is happening now. The whole world, and the West in particular, is suffering a terrorist problem for nationalist white extremists.

Violent acts in the real world, linked to websites, have made security agencies focus their attention on hate communities in the virtual world.

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