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In Somalia, the southern city of Awdheegle was released from the hands of the Shebabs by Amisom, the African Union forces in Somalia, and the Somali army. This town 70 km west of Mogadishu had been under terrorist control for eight years. It is a strategic victory for the Somali armed forces.

The commander of the armed forces and the Somali special forces kissing at the end of the operation ... the photo marks the last victory against Islamist Shebabs. It was a Somali commando, led by the Turkish army , who was at the head of the operation.

Somali army liberates Awdheegle from the vile group Alshabab.
Terrorists desperately tried to recapture the town # Somalia # Awdheegle #Mogadishu

SomaliaNews (@ SomaliaNews252) August 10, 2019

Awdheegle, an agriculturally rich city in the south of the country, is a strategic point because for years it has served as a backbone for terrorists. This is where they coordinate, plan and launch their attacks .

Awdheegle is now released. Security forces continue to secure the area, including critical infrastructure such as roads and schools.

The Somali army's victory is important as Amisom troops plan to leave Somalia by 2020, leaving the country's security to government forces. For the African Union, the release of Awdheegle is a demonstration of Somalia's ability to carry out anti-terrorist missions.

This optimism is far from being shared by many observers who point to the extreme fragility of the Somali army.

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