North Korea flying object launch US-Korea military exercises or August 10 17:13

North Korea fired two flying bodies that seemed to be short-range ballistic missiles early in the morning of the 10th. This is the fifth time in the past two weeks, and it has been launched from all over North Korea. By showing off its ability to attack from anywhere, it seems that there is an aim to control the United States and South Korea to continue joint military exercises.

The Korean Army's Joint Chiefs of Staff were flying at 5:34 am and 5:50 am on the 10th toward the Sea of ​​Japan from North Korea in the eastern Ham Kyung Nam Province. Announced that fired.

It was revealed that it was launched as a short-range ballistic missile, with a flight distance of over 400 km and an altitude of about 48 km.

A spokesman for Cheong Wa Dae ’s government announced that North Korea ’s military power would be in full swing before the US-Korea joint military exercises began in earnest on the 11th. I explained that there is a purpose to confirm the performance of the distance missile.

North Korea has launched the 5th time in the past two weeks, and on this month, it will launch from the southwestern Phanhe (Yellow Sea) south road to the Sea of ​​Japan in the form of crossing over North Korea. It is made from the place.

North Korea seems to have the aim of conquering the US and South Korea by showing off its ability to attack from anywhere.

US-Korea joint military exercises are scheduled to run until the 20th of this month, and the South Korean army is still on the alert, assuming North Korea is likely to continue firing.