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Donald Trump is ready to meet Kim for the fourth time (Trump and Kim Jong Un on the demilitarized zone, Panmunjom, June 30, 2019). REUTERS / Kevin Lamarque / Photo File

North Korea proceeded this Saturday morning at dawn to new shots of "projectiles". According to the South Korean staff, it is probably short-range ballistic missiles. This new series of shots, the fifth in less than three weeks, comes as the United States and South Korea are currently organizing joint military maneuvers and while Donald Trump showed no later than Friday his agreement with the leader north Korean Kim Jong Un.

Before flying to one of his golf clubs in New Jersey where he will spend his vacations, Donald Trump told reporters that he had received a letter. Not just any letter of course, but a " three-page letter, superb from beginning to end, " according to the US president. A letter written by Kim Jong Un.

In this mail - " very positive " insists Donald Trump - the North Korean leader explains the reasons for short-range missile fire. " He is not happy with the military maneuvers " held by the United States and South Korea, reports the tenant of the White House. Exercises that are held every year.

By personally questioning the US president on these military maneuvers, the North Korean dictator seeks to create divisions between Washington and its allies, warn many American political scientists.

Trump * openly * Sides with Kim Jong An over South Korea-our formal ally-on exercises. A letter complaining about wargames is actually playing Trump's ears. JFC. https://t.co/MQzPo6mgVf

Vipin Narang (@NarangVipin) August 9, 2019

An apparently lucrative strategy: since Donald Trump said in the wake that just like Kim Jong Un, he also did not like these joint military exercises ... above all, because they were too expensive. In the past, the US president has already criticized these exercises. He had canceled the exercises last summer and the magnitude of those of this year was revised downward.

South Korea has agreed to pay substantially more money to the United States in order to defend itself from North Korea. Over the past few months, South Korea, but last year, at the request of President Trump, South Korea paid $ 990,000,000.

Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 7, 2019

The US president has also said he is ready to meet Kim Jong Un for the fourth time. After the new North Korean shoots this Saturday, the White House made no comment.

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