Myanmar Landslide caused by heavy rain More than 20 people 100 people missing or 10 August 13:46

On the 9th in the southern part of Myanmar, a landslide caused by heavy rain has caused more than 20 people to die, and it seems that about 100 people are missing, and rescue operations are continuing.

A landslide due to heavy rain occurred early in the morning of the 9th in Mon State in the southern part of Myanmar.

According to Myanmar fire authorities, 23 deaths have been confirmed so far, and many injured people have been sent to hospitals.

According to a member of the Myanmar Parliament who is collecting information locally, it seems that about 100 people are missing, and the number of deaths may increase further in the future.

In the video from the local area, the house is crushed by the earth and sand, and the truck is lying on its side.

In Myanmar during the rainy season, heavy rains occur every day, and according to the United Nations Humanitarian Affairs Coordination Office, about 38,000 people are forced to evacuate throughout Myanmar.