Lamia Raafat

The makers of the film "Blue Elephant 2" decided to reserve a leading place in the race of the proceeds of Eid films, so it began its release two weeks before the actual season, to compete with almost himself in the absence of Arab or foreign films exciting viewers, and exceeds the barrier of 30 million pounds ($ 1.83 million) within ten Just days of its introduction, expect more.

But was his success because of his advantages as a movie, or for the great reputation he gained after the success of the first part?

Full of second parts
The second part of the "Blue Elephant" will be presented in a season full of the second parts, unlike what we used in Egyptian cinema. On Eid al-Adha we will watch this movie in addition to "Awlad Rizk 2, Treasure 2". Such films are based on the success of a part earlier than years close enough to keep their memories alive in the minds of admirers.

In 2014, the first part of the Blue Elephant was presented, to be considered by some as a watershed in Egyptian cinema, perhaps for its different genre.

This film started a series of cooperation between Ahmad Murad and Marwan Jamid, the first as a screenwriter for the first time and the second as a young director but a biography with important films such as "Yacoubian Building, Ibrahim Al Abyad". The two then met in "The Indigenous" for a genuine scenario of Murat, and "The Dust of Diamonds" for the latter's novel, then "Blue Elephant 2".

.. only a little
The Blue Elephant takes place in the second part of the same world as the first part. Psychiatrist Yahia returns but this time has achieved the dream of his life and married his beloved Lubna and gave birth to a boy, leaving psychiatry and the Abbasid world, and severed his relationship with the brother of the first part Sherif "Khaled El Sawy", who was touched by the plot of the film.

From the outside, things seem calm, but behind this marital relationship there is a burning war, which is due to mutual disappointments and boredom, all devastated by the next danger posed by a new patient in the psychiatric psychiatric hospital, a unique who asks to speak with Yahya alone.

So here we have a well-founded scientist with a first part, mature characters, new characters added, and a director who already owns what he has to offer, which resulted in two-thirds of an excellent film already, almost becoming the best Egyptian horror film because it has overcome most of the problems of the first part, such as weakness Visual effects, or relying on trivial plots do not frighten a young child.

This time the audience was already scared, and even if he expected the next one he was presented with a spectacular, with a strong soundtrack from Hisham Nazih, and effects used this professional for the first time.

In collaboration with the protagonists of the first part Karim Abdel Aziz and Nelly Karim and in addition to Iyad Nassar and Hind Sabri in the new part of the film already had a good crew.

While the old champions performed better than the previous part, their characters had great transformations.Although Karim Abdel Aziz dominated most of the scenes, Nelly Karim was able in her relatively few scenes to provide what is excellent for the character of Lubna, while the performance of Hind Sabri contains a lot of Exaggerated but acceptable.

As for Iyad Nassar, he is the biggest oppressor in this film, because the character presented to him did not have any need at all, he did not provide anything new for the drama, and whether or not, but his character was a weakness in the details surrounding him, which was disproportionate to The founding world of the first and second part.

Is it a good scenario?
In his film history, Murad has made four films, all of them with Marwan Hamed, and the four films whose main weakness was the scenario, in a simple equation that can answer the question clearly.

Murad Xenarist has many recurring problems in all of his works, beginning with the unnecessary addition of dramas and characters that do not serve the basic plot, the sometimes-naive dialogue, and the spectacular repetition of things that the viewer has seen just minutes to confirm his observation.

The Blue Elephant 2 is sadly the victim of Ahmed Murad. Although his start was really encouraging, he was able to assemble his old yarns and knit them back into an interesting tapestry. If we overlook the character of Doctor Akram, we found that until the beginning of the crisis was revealed The film is acceptable.

After the high expectations of the viewers to the sky, they found that this majestic mountain resulted in a rat, and the detection was meager and farcical to the point of flawed already, and underestimated the minds of viewers, and most importantly - and a big flaw in any scenario - has demolished the basics of the first part on which this new part was built, The film confused viewers trying to gather strewn strings in a process that the director and author had to do on their own instead of this frustrating end.

At the end of the film many viewers expected a third part of the "Blue Elephant," a story confirmed by Ahmed Murad, but added that this is only an intention so far and it is not yet definitive.