The police in the Brazilian state of Goiás have arrested a Dutchman who was at the head of a criminal organization focused on drug trafficking and money laundering.

Five henchmen were also arrested and two private jets, a helicopter, a jet ski, 11 cars, 13 luxury watches and cash seized.

The police tracked the gang after a pilot went missing at the end of last year, after a possible crash in Bolivia. During the investigation, the police found out that he and other pilots worked for the criminal organization of the Dutchman, local media report. To stay out of sight of the authorities, they flew extremely low and took out dangerous antics.

The cocaine was eventually smuggled to Europe and was hidden in various products. The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and France were among the final destinations.

According to the Brazilian police, the gang members made little effort to disguise their accumulated wealth to the outside world. For example, a number of members used the helicopter once to go get ice in the city of Palmas.


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