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Chavismo shakes social networks with its protest 'No more Trump' over the US blockade


The Government of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has stirred social networks with hundreds of messages on Saturday under the slogan "No more Trump" in the framework of the "world protest

  • Venezuela: Chavismo denounces a food blockade over Trump's sanctions
  • Chavismo.The Government of Nicolás Maduro describes as "economic terrorism" the US blockade

The Government of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has stirred social networks on Saturday with hundreds of messages under the slogan "No more Trump" in the framework of the "world protest" called by Chavism against the blockade of Venezuelan state assets in States United ordered this week by US President Donald Trump .

Maduro, who called the protest and also asked to take it to internet platforms, greeted on Twitter the reception that his call has had especially in this social network, in which the label "No More Trump (No more Trump)" is the most used by Venezuelan Internet users.

"I greet the Great World Day of Protest against the US Empire and the brutal blockade against Venezuela. I invite the entire Venezuelan people to sign in defense of our Independence, Peace and National Sovereignty. Raise your voice with dignity! #NoMoreTrump, "wrote the ruler.

The Venezuelan Foreign Ministry has published dozens of messages that account for activities organized by the Venezuelan embassies in support of the so-called Bolivarian revolution and in rejection of the US blockade.

This list includes videos with small demonstrations in Haiti, Portugal, Turkey, Malaysia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Angola, Canada, Kenya, Italy, Ethiopia, South Africa, Australia, Serbia, Namibia and Spain.

In addition, several social leaders and political leaders have joined the "world protest" as Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel , who shared a supporting text to Maduro, his ally, and asked the US to keep his hands "out of Venezuela".

Meanwhile, the highest leaders of the Chavista Executive have published photographs and audiovisuals in which they even satirize the image of the US president and insist on the motto "No more Trump . "

The government called on Saturday street demonstrations throughout the country and expect to collect signatures supporting a document that Maduro promised to send to the United Nations in rejection of the US sanction.

Venezuela is going through an aggravation of political tension since last January , when Maduro swore a new six-year term that does not recognize the opposition and part of the international community, because the ruler obtained re-election in elections that were prohibited from participating to the main opposition leaders.

In response, the head of Parliament, Juan Guaidó , proclaimed himself as interim president of Venezuela and secured the support of more than fifty nations with the United States at the helm.

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